Revised 40

at Eudemonia



  • Magic: The Gathering event
  • Constructed format
  • Unsanctioned event

Revised 40 is a “throwback” format that focuses on the card set that established the initial concept of a “core” set in MTG, with simple to explain yet rich and deep play and deckbrewing possibilities. With its revised selection of 302 cards it attempted to embody a more balanced and accessible play style suitable to a wider audience of players. Printed in April of 1994 with an estimated run of 600 Million cards, they were plentiful in 1994 and still easily found 25 years later. The format is both conceptually and financially accessible.
- Walk-in registration opens at 1 PM - 3-4 Rounds swiss based on attendance
- Learn about the rules of Revised 40 here
- 100% of entry fees will be paid out to the prize pool in store credit

Date and Time